Our company has been continuing its production activities on genuine and high quality leather since 1997, adopting 100% customer satisfaction as a principle in the wholesale shoe industry. As a follower of women's shoes models that are trendy in Europe, we offer the best quality comfort and elegance to distinguished shoe brands with our 23 years of experience.

As a D.MoRo company, we have the necessary infrastructure to make production and post shipment to the leading companies of Russia and distinguished brands of Europe with wholesale shoe sales. We are working with master shoe manufacturers in different regions in Turkey. Our head office is in Istanbul / Başakşehir and we are a company that has established itself in the sector as a manufacturer of shoes of the same quality in different cities.

D. MoRo company, which consists of a strong team, consists of a modelist, mold maker, designer and R&D team, who develop themselves day by day. As a wholesale women's shoes manufacturer, we attach importance to elegance, comfort and aesthetics while producing first class quality and being aware of every detail of the shoe.


As D.Moro company, our understanding of quality has been achieved with 100% customer satisfaction from past to present. Adopting that the production of women's shoes is a skillful labor, we have always delivered the work to its master. We argued that it depends on the quality of the material used. As a D.Moro company, we aimed the quality and brought the best quality materials together with the masters. We have always preferred genuine and high quality leather materials while producing our products. Considering that every shoe we produce is a personal design, we chose to produce by paying attention to quality, comfort and elegance.


As a wholesale women's shoe manufacturer, we have special soles that we prefer to keep the comfort of a shoe at the maximum level. The soles we use are comfortable and flexible, most importantly, the soles are compatible with your foot shape.


The molds we use in the production of women's shoes are from famous mold makers in Italy, which are the collaboration of distinguished mold makers brands of Italy. The biggest reason for our existence in the sector for many years as a woman shoe manufacturer is that we have achieved the perfect stance in the shoes by choosing the right pattern for each model. With "Form Studio", we provide the patterns of trendy models. The most important feature of these molds enables us to achieve excellence in the production of women's shoes by integrating quality, aesthetics and stance. The molds we use as a D.Moro company are accepted by all world consumers.


As D.MoRo company, we respond directly to the requests of our customers with our 23 years of experience. We are happy to produce the best quality shoes at the right time. While women's shoes produced under the leadership of D.MoRo company, we are keeping the quality and comfort at the maximum level in the same time attach importance to details

As D.MoRo, we are assertive in the production of women's shoes. The biggest difference that distinguishes us from other manufacturers is that we have a team that can produce all products and models. In addition, we produce the styles and models determined by our customers with their own brands and logos. We are able to complete woman’s shoes production and packing all around the Turkey, while first-class quality, comfort and style are in the foreground. Our wide range products contains; slippers, sandals, sneakers, shoes, boots and ankle boots.

If you want to see our special shoes where quality meets aesthetics under the leadership of D. MoRo company, you can check our showroom and social media accounts or contact our purchasing team